Respect, trust, technical excellence and personalized service are some of the characteristics that make Dinamarco, Rossi, Beraldo & Bedaque one of the most prominent legal firms in Brazil since its foundation in 1991. Recognized for its judicial and extra-judicial expertise, our law firm has widely acknowledged experience in the prevention and management of all sorts of disputes. We identify and implement the most appropriate solutions, either by pursuing or defending litigation, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in every area of the Law and continually focus on avoiding and solving conflicts in such a way as to meet the specific needs of each client. We also develop compliance programs and perform risk assessments to help reduce our client’s general litigation exposure.

We are also recognized for our solid work in conjunction with the Judiciary and Arbitral Panels constituted under the rules of the most renowned national and international arbitration Chambers, as well as for providing services in identification, management and analysis of legal risk in business ventures, contracts and corporate, real estate, civil and commercial operations.

We have a qualified team of approximately one hundred professionals and are led by two department head Professors of one of the most important teaching institutions in Latin America: the University of São Paulo. Dinamarco, Rossi, Beraldo & Bedaque has multidisciplinary teams of specialists, thereby guaranteeing reliable solutions to our clients’ problems. The members of these teams are respected for their qualified scientific production and their robust academic experience, which allows them to apply their knowledge to concrete cases, cooperating in such a way as to ensure a speedy, efficient solution for complex legal questions. Our law firm is recognized for its combative winning style, focused on the needs of our clients and on our continuing search for practical results. We seek to minimize the cost and time it takes to resolve disputes. Our successes have been considerable both nationwide and in international arbitrations, and our portfolio contains both Brazilian and foreign clients from a wide variety of sectors including telecommunications, financial law, insurance, the petrochemical industry, construction law, health care, information technology, the tobacco and food industries, agribusiness and sugar mills and distributors. Additionally, we represent countless public utilities, state corporations and public agencies in general.

The clients’ image is directly related to the image of those who represent them. Due to our ethics, commitment to the highest degree of services in representing our clients’ interests and the complexity of the legal issues represented by the firm, we have built up a solid reputation as one of the premier litigation and arbitration practices in Brazil and enjoy immense credibility before the judicial and arbitral institutions and among our peers.